Shoot Like A Pro

Shoot Like A Pro!


Discover how your passion for photography can inspire friends, family and even make you rich beyond your wildest dreams with our shoot like a pro audiobook.

“Want to take your knack for casual photography to the Next Level and develop the expert eye and photo-shooting skills of a professional photographer? If so, then you’ll want to check this out:

The Time Has Come to Turn Talent into Results: Discover How Your Passion for Photography Can Inspire Friends, Family… And Even Make You RICH Beyond Your WILDEST DREAMS!

Finally, A Veteran Photographer Rips Down the Curtain to Expose the Secret Methods Utilized by the Photography Elite to Craft Stunning Works of Art With the Snap of a Finger!

Discover How To Plan And Prepare For A Stress-Free And Harmonious Retirement -Plus, How You Can Avoid The Many Financial and Emotional Pit-Falls Along The Way!

It’s absolutely true!

In just minutes from now, you’ll learn how to harness the talent rumbling inside you to propel yourself to the TOP of the photography pyramid and amaze family, friends and clients with your penchant for fantastic photography.

But first, allow me to ask you a quick question: Does this sound like you…?

You waste shot after shot TRYING to capture that perfect nature scene, that stylish fashion shoot or the classic wedding, but no matter how hard you try, you STILL can’t seem to get the glossy, professional look that you envisioned.

“No Problem – That’s Where I Come in!”

In my new digital book called Photography, you’ll be discovering exactly how you can take jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring photos even easier than you ever could have possibly imagined.

Yes, that’s right.

The information locked within the “covers” of this revolutionary new eBook makes the whole process as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 and eliminates any obstacles in your way that prevent you from creating studio-quality prints.

You see, the only thing that separates you from the pro’s is…


Now you can either learn it the hard way, through a series of mistakes by taking a “hit-or-miss” approach to it, or you can follow the advice of a professional.

I know which I’d choose.

Not only does the second of the two options ensure that you’ll have someone “watching over your shoulder” and that you won’t be doing it alone, it will also teach you trade secrets used only amongst closely-knit groups of industry PRO’s.

Not to mention TONS of other must-have information.

In fact, let’s take a time-out to…

Have a Peak Behind the Curtains At What You’ll Be Learning Inside “Photography” Today:

  • Discover how to master The 5 Elements of Pro Photography revealed on page 4, all it will take to shoot studio-quality prints is the snap of your finger. And that’s regardless of if you’re covering a high-profile media event or just a family trip to the beach!
  • It’s no secret that photography equipment can easily cost thousands of dollars, and if you don’t know EXACTLY what kind of equipment to look for, you – and your bank account – can lose out big time!

But, if you follow my no-nonsense buyer’s guide outlined on page 6, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to buy the equipment and tools perfectly suited for your intention as a photographer, whether that happens to be a desire to “Go Pro” or to enjoy an self-enriching hobby.

  • Don’t even THINK about stepping into the store without first asking yourself these 2 crucial questions revealed on page 7 that can mean the difference between missing a mortgage payment or getting a deal so sweet, it would make even the most jaded photographer jealous!
  • One of the timeless questions asked by both celebrity photographers and amateur hobbyists alike is the classic “Film or Digital?,” and I’ll put an end to all the speculation and reveal, once and for all, the REAL winner in the battle of Film vs. Digital so that you can be confident in purchasing the camera that will give you the SHARPEST results every time — guaranteed!

I’ll reveal all this and more, including the mistakes you MUST avoid so that you don’t suffer the dreaded “Photographer’s Remorse,” on page 7!

  • When it comes to buying a digital camera, the sheer number of makes and models available — and don’t forget about the night-and-day ranges in price — can be dizzying to even some of the most brazen technophile photographers, but when you flip to page 8, I’ll unscramble the techno-jargon into language YOU can understand so that, when that fateful day comes to purchase your camera, you won’t have to waste a second when it comes to choosing the best bang for your buck — from the importance of camera memory to how megapixels can drastically make-or-break an entire photo line-up, I’ll leave NOTHING in the “darkroom!”
  • With everyone from pre-teen kids to senior-aged retirees jumping on the “digital revolution” and snapping-up digital cameras like free diamonds, you’re probably scratching your head, wondering… what the HECK happened to film! Digital cameras may seem convenient and, without a doubt, easy-to-use, but if you turn to page 10, I’ll tell you about 3 things that absolutely CANNOT be done with digital — but are ridiculously easy to use with film and have the potential to enhance your photography with breathtaking special effects!
  • One of the most daunting tasks for amateur and professional photographers alike is knowing HOW to buy the right equipment. And starting on page 11, I’ll cover all the bases when it comes to choosing equipment that is not only adequate, but affordable, too! You won’t want to miss out on discovering the one type of lens you MUST avoid at all costs, or else risk ruining your photos with the dreaded “fish-eye” look, and you won’t believe the one photography situation that DEMANDS a tripod for successful photo turn-out!
    Also on page 11, you won’t believe your eyes when you discover how even the slightest wear-and-tear on your camera can translate into speckled, gashed photos that are not only totally unappealing to even the most untrained eye, but can also wreak irreparable damage on your most expensive investment: your camera!
  • Uncover the dirt-cheap, no-brainer “vaccine” that protects against not only minor wear, but ALSO major malfunctions!
  • Leave your viewers speechless by stocking your photo-arsenal with these sure-fire strategies for nailing the “Perfect” Point of Interest every time your finger hits the “clicker” — these ridiculously easy tactics revealed on page 13 take mere seconds to master, but can be the key to making your photos “POP!” with the life and vibrancy that is sought after by veteran photographers worldwide…and best of all, the example photos I’ve included show you EXACTLY how to put these techniques to work to create expertly-shot, natural points of interest!
  • Also, I’ll use some of my best photos to show you everything you need to know for shooting the most natural views and angles.
  • You won’t believe your eyes when you see how making this unknowingly minor adjustment revealed on page 17 can totally undermine your photo’s entire message! In fact, you’re probably guilty of this dirty little modification and you don’t even know it!
  • One of the most commonly mis-shot photos is the ever-popular Candid Shot, but if you let the tricks-of-the-trade on page 18 be your guide, then you won’t make any of the mistakes that are all too often responsible for ruining otherwise elegant candid photos, and you’ll discover how implementing these 3 techniques, explained from top to bottom with full-color photo examples, can gift you with instant ability to craft heartfelt, timeless candid photographs that is so elusive to scores of frustrated photographers!
  • If you want to break the mold and spice your photos up with originality that screams “ME!,” then you MUST turn to page 23 for an exclusive look at how harnessing the power held by creative and unique Angles can emblazon your photos with your very own “Stamp of Authenticity” and give your shots that mysterious, subtle art-gallery sense of originality.
  • Utilizing shots from my own collection, I’ll literally show you, step-by-step, how to unleash that creative genius you’ve worked so hard to instill in your photos, and you’ll witness how making a surprisingly simple alteration can give your photographs “voices” that tell the exact stories you want them to tell!
  • Color and Contrast are 2 of the most essential elements of any high-quality, professionally-shot photo, and without their proper application, your photos will fall FLAT in the eyes of viewers both trained and untrained alike! But not to worry, because on page 29, I’ll show you exactly what “proper application” means when it comes to bringing out the most eye-pleasing qualities of your photos with these elite principles of lighting, color and contrast!
  • Plus, I’ll analyze an intentionally bad photo that I took SPECIFICALLY for the purpose of illustrating the most common errors made by both novice and advanced photo-philes alike when it comes to capturing effective contrast, and my “re-take” will show you exactly how to professionally spruce up your photos!
  • Proper lighting may seem trivial or unnoticeable, but if it’s missing from your photo, then all the other elements — no matter how expertly shot — can crash, burn, and FAIL to meld together as an attractive work of art. That’s why it’s crucial that you educate yourself on the dos-and-don’ts of lighting as told by a veteran photographer with indispensable photo samples to show you the way it’s REALLY done!
  • Mastering the principles of flash usage is tricky business — if you’re too close, the flash can make your photo subject look white as a ghost, but if you’re too far away, the flash doesn’t even travel far enough to reach the subject you’re attempting to photograph!

That’s why I’ve used page 36 to grant you an exclusive one-on-one help session specially formulated to pass-down the sage wisdom to you so that you can be your very own “Master of the Flash,” complete with the rules and laws of using flash to your photo’s advantage.

Just about anyone can snap a decent picture, but what’s the difference between an everyday picture and a formal portrait? This is the most important question asked by formal portrait photographers, and if you hurry to page 37, I’ll reveal the 3 do-or-die standards you MUST adhere to if you want to ensure that your portrait shot is formal and elegant and NOT amateurish and casual. Also, you’ll fall out of your chair when you find out what THE most important Body Part to keep in mind is when it comes to planning a formal portrait!

Using 4 expert example photos, I’ll show you how to adopt and personalize the principles of frame-filling so that, no matter the scene or situation, your photos will mean something not only to you, but to the viewer as well — and as a photographer, I’m sure you’re well-aware that this is the most important trait of any photo. Also, I’ll reveal the most common mistake made by newbie photographers and reveal, step-by-step, how to tastefully and professionally fill the frame of ANY photo situation — all revealed, starting on page 40!

Discover how this absurdly simple, yet startlingly effective trick revealed on page 44 can make the subjects of your photos SCREAM with personality and make the finished product convey messages with rare originality…and when combined with this hush-hush technique revealed on page 46 and used by veteran photographers across the globe, this “Power Combo” of techniques will help your pictures express ideas you never thought possible!

For the first time EVER on page 49, I’ve compiled an exhaustive, no-holds-barred list of the questions most commonly asked by photographers of all skill levels, and I’ve unloaded the knowledge gained through years of experience to pass down the torch to you and ease any issues you may have, no matter how major or minor.

Revealed: From the quick-fix for blurriness to eliminating red-eye once and for all, no problems are left unsolved!

And That’s Not All. If You Think That’s Something, Then I Think You’d Better Brace Yourself For This:

Besides that fact that in a moment, you’ll be learning the secrets to becoming a famous, universally-acclaimed artisan photographer (including the astonishingly clever methods used by history’s richest, most successful photographers to build their dynasties of respect and wealth), you may have discovered something else. By now, you may have realized that your knack (whether new-found or soon-to-be-found) for capturing seemingly ordinary items and making them mean so much more – can make you… money!

And You’re Absolutely Right!

But as with any highly lucrative and competitive business, gaining entrance through a “back door” is often the easiest way to break-in to a field and immediately start earning the money you’re worth.

Which is why I’ve devoted an entire section to this just for you.

Starting on page 54, I’ll unlock that “back door” and guide you through the very same steps taken by critically-acclaimed photographers to Go Pro and take the photography industry by storm!

….all this and more is awaiting you inside your own copy of “Photography.”

After all, you may find out that you unmatched talent makes you a “hidden gem” in the world of photography. But, if you don’t DO something about it today, you’ll never be anything more than “hidden!”

That’s why I’m urging you to click here now to snatch your copy.

It’s incredibly easy and simple to order.

All it takes is the click of a button, and within minutes you’ll be on your way to creating studio-quality prints… just like the pro’s!

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