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Secret Audio Sessions

Secret Audio Sessions

Get your hands on 7 hours of the secret audio sessions, a series of in-depth audio calls between top marketers Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason.

Secret Audio Sessions CD's

Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason have released 3 hours of ‘Secret Audio Sessions’ with transcripts. The audios are the recording og three teleseminars, according to Simon and Jeremy.

The Affiliate Marketing Call: (Running Time: 1 Hour 37 Minutes)

How to become a successful affiliate marketer and how to run your own successful affiliate program!

If you want to discover some simple tactics that can quickly earn you thousands of dollars without your own products then listen in to this call….

You’ll hear how a single affiliate promotion generated $49,000+ in sales in just two weeks!

Discover the REAL secrets to winning affiliate contests and how to outsell everybody else (even if you’re going head on with some of the best affiliate marketers in the world!)

Learn what to look for in an affiliate program that will bring in BIG commissions.

How to quit your day job by consistently increasing your monthly passive income with affiliate programs.

Get the low down on affiliate management (if you run your own affiliate programs) the information here could soon have hundreds of ‘super’ active affiliates fighting to sell your products. And Much More….

The Marketing Mindset Call: (Running Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes)

Entrepreneurial Mindset and Self Development Sessions!

Learn what it takes to run a successful business online or offline!

Discover little known powers of the sub conscious mind and how you can train yourself to be whatever you want to be!

Listen in as two successful entrepreneurs reveal how to become financially free and be your own boss!

Learn how to break the chains from the employee mindset and set yourself free into the entrepreneur lifestyle.

Start thinking like a winner and become a winner!

The Product Creation Call: (Running Time: 1 Hour)

How to Create and Promote Best Selling Products Online!

Discover the one thing you should do before creating any kind of product – (get this wrong and you could be wasting months of work.)

The key to making your product a best seller (this is incredibly simple but most people get it wrong).

How to brainstorm new product ideas that will give you INSTANT market appeal and a stream of ‘ready to buy’ customer when you launch.

Revealed one of the most significant benefits selling tangible products gives you – (along with triple profits) Listen in as Simon and Jeremy discuss ways to create tangible products in practically the same time it takes to create a digital product.

Simple but rarely done right. The one thing you should do that cannot fail to increase the conversion rates.

Learn about cover graphics, header graphics – do they work when selling products online? And discover what actually damages your conversion rate.

How to create new resell rights products in less than an hour. And lots more…

Traffic Generation Strategies Call: (Running Time: 33 minutes)

Listen in as Jeremy and Simon reveal why most marketers get the concept of ‘traffic’ VERY wrong and how subtle changes in thinking can turn a traffic trickle into a flood.

One super strategy that brings in more than 4000 visitors EVERY DAY and repeat visitors in their thousands each week.

Understand what it takes to get with the ‘big dogs’ – cracking this could have the ‘big name’ JV Partners more than happy to help you and in turn send your stats counter into meltdown. You’ll also learn what you must have in place before even thinking about sending traffic to any web site…. Once you understand this you could have JV Partners and affiliates waiting in line to promote your web site(s).

You’ll also learn:

  • How Search Engine Optimization and site tweaking is potentially killing your online business.
  • The trick to using a squeeze page to it’s best effect (this could make your pages 60% more effective than other marketer’s pages).
  • And a simple yet incredibly powerful marketing strategy that once applied can generate endless waves of highly targeted traffic on autopilot 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  • You’ll hear the real strategies that drive hundreds of thousands of web visitors each year to Simon and Jeremy’s sites.

List Building Secrets Call: (Running Time: 1 Hours 8 minutes)

Owning a good subscriber list can be a licence to print ‘Money on Demand’ but there are plenty of pitfalls along the way. In this audio you’ll find real advice about getting new subscribers, creating highly responsive lists and building long term profitable strategies…

Here’s just a few of the areas discussed in this call:

The most important ‘focus’ you need to apply when creating opt-in pages of ANY kind. (get this right and you will never need to worry about adding new subscribers to your list ever again.)

What should you be using to add subscribers to your list? – pop-ups? exit pop-ups? in-line forms? or squeeze pages? – there are some great ‘do’s and don’ts’ discussed here that could make or break your list building efforts.

One simple and low cost method that when used properly can add 500 – 2000 new subscribers to your list in a matter of days. And some of the things you shouldn’t do – (these are common mistakes many marketers make, ignore them at your peril… don’t risk the spam complaints and the possibility of being shut down by your hosting company.)

How implementing the ‘multiple list’ strategy can MASSIVELY increase your email conversion rates. And much more…

The Survey Call! (Running Time: 1 Hours 16 minutes)

The results of this survey are worth thousands of dollars to anyone marketing online, developing products, promoting affiliate programs in fact Anything related to Internet Marketing”

Transcript File Also Includes Special Survey Report

Discover what…

  • 95% Of people surveyed are dissatisfied about.
  • 69% Of people surveyed want to know.
  • 65% Of people surveyed are interested in.
  • 54% Of people surveyed want to see.
  • 66% Of people surveyed plan to sell.

Learn what the 1 to 3 ratio is… Get Instant Ideas for New Products and Businesses and so much more this is a GOLDMINE of information and if you’re serious about your online business it’s something you must get!

The Survey Results Report:

‘For Your Eyes Only’ summary report that gives all the statistics for the survey – This is practically a licence to print money!

“The results of this survey are worth thousands of dollars to anyone marketing online, developing products, promoting affiliate programs in fact Anything related to Internet Marketing”

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