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Resell Rights Boot Camp

Resell Rights Boot Camp

Resell rights boot camp is what you need to transform yourself into a resale mercenary, capable of creating cash out of thin air, and completely on command.

Prepare For A Full Scale Invasion On Resell Rights Profitability…

“You’re About To Launch A Resell Rights Attack So Deadly That Your Visitors Will Instantly Throw Up Their White Flag And Surrender To Your Will, Buying Anything You Want Them To And Stuffing Your Pockets Full Of Cash On Command…”

To win this war and make more money than sin you’ll need to report to special ops training immediately soldier.

Recently we sent out some of our finest troops on a critical Reconnaissance and Surveillance mission.

The sole purpose of this mission was to secure intel as to who was actually pulling down real money online with Resell Rights, and who was falling flat on their face…

Making no money… no profits… no nothin’.

The results of this important mission were less than satisfactory.

It turns out that far too many were struggling to get by, eeking out a few dollars here and there if they were lucky, but not making the kinds of mind blowing cash that is possible.

Money like this…

4 Star General Money…

Proof 1

The shot above reflects only Resell Rights, and are products that I sold just last year. This is only one of my many income streams.

And here’s another shot of what I’ve been doing with Resell Rights this year.

Proof 2

Yep. This is the kind of 4 Star General money you can make too, when you know how to battle with Resell Rights like I do… and when you have the kinds of weapons in your artillery that make sending shockwaves of profits into your bank accounts as simple as lock and load – point and click.

As you can see, I know what it takes to generate ludicrous sums of money with Resell Rights products, and as you’ll soon discover, it’s so easy to do once you’ve been properly trained.

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning, rolling over and checking the alarm clock to see that it’s 10:00AM.

  • You’re fully refreshed… completely revitalized because the alarm didn’t shock you awake like it used to… no, now you wake up when you wake up, because you’re simply not tired anymore.
  • Next you take a leisurely stroll down to your computer, coffee in hand, and turn it on. After it boots up, you check out your merchant account balances and they have seen a heavy flow of incoming payments, just since you went to bed.
  • Hundreds… maybe even thousands of dollars with your name stamped all over them are just sitting there waiting for you to spend them however you see fit.
  • The rest of your day is yours to do as you please… maybe you throw in a couple hours of work (if you could call it that), and then you’re off doing the things you love, mindful that you never have to worry about money again.

You are finally free…

Sound like a wild fantasy? It’s so much more than that and can soon be your reality.

My 1st tour of duty…

I wasn’t always a 4 Star General. At one time I was a private too. When I first tried my hand at Resell Rights I struggled to make money with them.

In fact, I became so frustrated early on that I nearly packed it in and gave up on them altogether. Thank goodness I didn’t because now I’m bringing in paydays like the one below on a regular basis…

Paydays you’ll be bringing in too… if you want it… if you’re finally ready…

Proof 3

That’s right. I went from no-cash to more money than I know what to do with, because I stuck with it.

And the difference wasn’t one big mysterious secret that “struck me like a bolt of lightning” one day when “I cracked the code”.

Nope. That’s just crappy copy talk. The secret is that I’m one stubborn chick and me and failure are mortal enemies.

So, I dug in deep, locked myself away in my office for several long, grueling months, and I studied every successful Resell Rights marketer in the industry.

I spied on them, I ‘borrowed’ from them, and I closely watched their every move. I started seeing consistency… I started catching methods and strategies…

Some of this stuff was pure genius. Some of it was stupid simple. And almost all of it was a license to print money.

Finally got my stripes…

Once I realized what these top gun 6 figure Resell Rights marketers were doing, I began implementing these same techniques into my own business.

I started testing them, tracking them, and tweaking the hell out of them. I was on a mission, and there would be no stopping me.

Suddenly, things started happening. I’d start getting a sale or 2 a day. I’d tweak and add new techniques into the mix, and then I’d get 4 sales a day, and then 8.

It was like a giant snowball made of money that kept getting bigger and bigger, all the while I was constantly tweaking and improving, until I had a step by step formula that could be plugged right in to withdraw cash anytime and anywhere I wanted to.

In just a few short months I became one of the most recognized Resell Rights marketers and was easily pulling down 6 figures with Resell Rights alone.

And, this step by step formula I developed…

Well, I’ve journaled this stuff since day 1, every ounce of potent money making strategy, and I’m about to impart this knowledge to you, step by step, the entire 6 figure Resell Rights system… if you want it. If you’re ready for that kind of success…

Time for your online physical…

When John and I recently sent out our troops on that Reconnaissance and Surveillance mission I mentioned earlier…

The results were saddening. People… marketers… good folks just like you, were on the verge of giving up. Some of the many unsettling things we heard were:

  • “Burned out, tired, mislead, jaded, cynical…”
  • “Unable to make money online and wonder if it’s really possible…”
  • “Information overload meltdown and very little good information at that…”
  • “Completely frustrated and unsure who to trust…”
  • “Generally discouraged and ready to pack it in…”

No doubt about it, these folks were dying for some kind of real help and not getting any at all… their wallets were getting lighter, not fatter as they should be… because that’s what this is all about right?

Getting online to make money so you can enjoy your life. Not struggle miserably…

If any of the above rings true for you, I want you to know something. You CAN do this. You CAN make more money than you ever imagined possible.

And you can do it without having to go through the heartburn and heartache of product creation… once you have the formula I’m about to impart to you with the…

Resell Rights Boot camp

Resell Rights Boot camp is EXACTLY what you need to easily transform yourself into a Resell Rights mercenary, capable of creating cash out of thin air, and completely on command.

This intense and enlightening program is the culmination of my years of hard work, and thousands upon thousands of dollars in research and testing.

It has been engineered to quickly and easily transform you into a lean, mean, money machine, and is a complete step by step formula that you can replicate over and over again for a life time of mind boggling profits.

Here’s a peak at how the Boot camp breaks out for you…

Drop and make some money soldier…

Bootcamp Membership CardThe Resell Rights Boot camp “Live” was a big ticket 6 week intensive in which we turned 20 recruits into ultra high powered Resell Rights mercenaries and profiteers.

This Resell Rights Boot camp version is designed so that any marketer can participate in special ops training, regardless of current financial situation or experience level.

When you join today, you’re getting all the same potent methods and techniques, and you’re getting it in a format that allows you to work at your very own pace.

If you want to take your time with it, then you can take your time with it. If you want to start making money tomorrow, then you start making money tomorrow.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll receive…

Boot camp Teleconference Recordings

Special Ops Training #1 – Your Profit Funnel

  • Discover how to create a profit funnel utilizing only Resell Rights products, and you’ll find out why this technique is like an enormous cash sucking vortex, snowballing your profits in no time.
  • Uncover my own secret techniques for getting customers to purchase multiple products from me in one sitting, on a regular basis, sending my profits through the roof (and no, this is NOT an OTO).
  • Find out how you can create an enormous Resell Rights income regardless of the number of products you sell. Market one, or market a hundred… your money isn’t based on your “catalogue”.
  • And More (Classified Top Secret until you get to Boot camp)

Special Ops Training #2 – Your Own Reseller Store

  • Discover the secret techniques for creating your own “niche stores” that include a number of sizzling hot and profitable products for you to generate cash with.
  • Find out how to take your business from one niche store to a worldwide chain, all sending you floods of cash every day, on autopilot, as you put your expansion mode into overdrive.
  • Uncover the stupid simple methods for locating hot new Resell Rights products that you can quickly and easily plug into your whole chain of “stores” for fast cash.
  • And More (Classified Top Secret until you get to Boot camp)

Special Ops Training #3 – The Resell Rights Master Strategy

  • Find out my secret tricks, tips, and techniques for pounding out best selling products at warp speed. This is so powerful you’re gonna have to agree to never reveal it to anyone, soldier.
  • Discover how to use affiliate links as “viral bombs” that will explode your business into a powerful chain reaction of cold hard cash every day.
  • Uncover the science of full scale replication which allows you to easily and automatically repeat the process over and over again, sending you a neverending stream of profits.
  • And More (Classified Top Secret until you get to Boot camp)

Special Ops Training #4 – Authority Reseller Strategy

  • Discover how you’ll create an army of blogs that suck up traffic like an anteater on steroids and send hordes of hungry customers to your Reseller sites.
  • Uncover my potent and ultra powerful review techniques that will completely disarm your visitors and nearly forces them to buy whatever you’re selling, before they even know what hit them.
  • Find out how to easily integrate these two weapons into one massive and unstoppable force of laser targeted traffic and buyers, sending you shockwaves of profits at every turn.
  • And More (Classified Top Secret until you get to Boot camp)

Special Ops Training #5 – The Resell Rights Chain Strategy

  • Utilize the power of leverage and generate more cash with much less effort through the process of Resell Rights “chains”. You’re gonna love this one;)
  • Discover how to build an enormous list of buyers, yes buyers, anytime and anyplace, even when you have absolutely nothing of your own to sell yet.
  • Uncover the stupid simple methods for creating an autoresponder system that drives your prospects into a buying frenzy on an almost daily basis.
  • And More (Classified Top Secret until you get to Boot camp)

Special Ops Training #6 – The Content Is King Strategy

  • Uncover the incredibly potent techniques for creating powerful content sites to sell your Resell Rights products and generate cash on command.
  • Discover my diabolical methods for driving server crushing and ultra targeted traffic from the Search Engines almost at will, and with the greatest of ease.
  • Find out how to transform your Resell Rights into the most profitable arm of your own business at warp speed. You’ll soon wonder if you should ever even do anything but Resell Rights.
  • And More (Classified Top Secret until you get to Boot camp)

Boot camp Video Series

Hey, I know from first hand experience that it’s one thing to hear someone say, “Do this, do that, and watch the money flow in.”

But when you see it live and in person it’s like a giant lightbulb flash.

That’s why I added the Boot camp Video Series to supplement the powerful teleconference recordings, and kick your earning curve into high gear.

When there’s a certain technique or method that needs a visual demonstration in order to hit home, you’re getting it and then some with these incredible videos.

It’s as if you and I are in the room together, and you’re looking over my shoulder as I guide you every step of the way. Your success is my priority and nothing has been left to chance with the Resell Rights Boot camp.

Boot camp Worksheets


With the Boot camp Worksheets you’ll get step by step details for everything you need, and all that you’ll have to do in order to implement each special op training into your business. This is A-Z, no stone unturned.

You’ll find out the exact free and inexpensive resources I use in order to get my Resell Rights products so that you can begin profiting almost immediately after completing each session.

And you’ll uncover links to the specialized training vids within each worksheet to ensure you’re able to successfully complete every training and go from no money to more money than you ever dreamed possible.

Boot camp Check List


Where other programs leave off, Resell Rights Boot camp excels. When you follow this system you have only one option… complete and total online success.

With these checklists, included with every training, you won’t ever miss a single item that needs handling.

Each and every time you’ll be prepared to flood your accounts with cash, because it’s all right there in black and white, and takes you from A-Z.

Just check it off and profit!

Boot camp Process Maps

Process Maps

The most profitable marketers in the world utilize mind maps for a reason.

They are “profit models at a glance”, and will allow you to quickly and easily develop your own cash cranking strategies in just minutes.

These process maps, provided with each training session, can be printed off and followed to the letter for maximum monetization of every campaign you create.

Combine these maps with all the other incredible tools in Resell Rights Boot camp and you’ll quickly become an unstoppable force, creating cash out of thin air!

This Boot camp is not your run of the mill program.

As you can plainly see, we’ve taken great care to ensure that every aspect… every technique… and every powerful method is in your hands… immediately after you sign on.

This is the kind of stuff that simply cannot be taught in some 50 page ebook and puts you light years ahead of your competition.

Once you’ve completed your special ops training, you’ll be a Resell Rights mercenary, able to profit at will, and live the life of your dreams.

It’s that powerful.

The low down…

When you sign on for the Resell Rights Boot camp today, you’ll become a member of our elite unit of profitable Resell Rights master marketers.

You’ll get in depth, step by step training that you have always wanted, and were beginning to think non-existant.

Once you sign on you’ll have instant access to everything mentioned above. You’ll be getting…

  • Over 6 hours of Special Ops Training Calls – No weak ass ebook for you, because you’re getting in the trenches with me, on video, as I walk you by the hand through every profitable technique and cash cranking method I know.
  • Over 50 minutes of Boot camp Video Tutorials – When there’s a certain potent technique or method that needs a visual demonstration in order to hit home, you’re getting it and then some with these incredible training videos.
  • The step by step Boot camp Worksheets – These step by step details cover everything you need, and all that you’ll have to do in order to implement each special op training into your business. This is A-Z, no stone unturned.
  • The no stone unturned Boot camp Checklist – Where other programs leave off, Resell Rights Boot camp excels. When you follow this system you have only one option… complete and total online success. Failure is not an option for you now.
  • The business at a glance Boot camp Process Maps – These “profit models at a glance”, are the same kinds of maps the millionaire marketers use to generate their enormous fortunes, and will allow you to quickly and easily develop your own cash cranking strategies in just minutes.

It’s time for you to end your frustrations, end your struggles, and be on your way to incredible profits, and the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The life you deserve.

In just weeks, you’ll look back at this crossroad, and thank whatever god you pray to that you signed on for Resell Rights Boot camp.

You’ve been drafted…

Yep, you’ve been drafted for the one Boot camp you’ll wish you had attended years ago…

Because this one’s gonna jam so much cash in your pockets you’ll have to get cargo pants with even more pockets just to lug it all to the bank every day.

Listen, this is one of those crossroads in life where you have a chance to shape your future with your decision.

If you recognize this Boot camp as the astonishing value that it is, then congratulations to you for a truly wise decision.

And if you don’t… if you plan on going AWOL here… well let me ask you something soldier… what’s gonna be different for you?

I think we both know the answer to that… nothing. If you go AWOL and do nothing, then nothing in your life will change.

Don’t let that happen.

You’ve got the limited and mind blowing opportunity to make your life what you always dreamed it would be. Starting right now.

As the late General Douglas MacArthur once said, “In war there is no substitute for victory.” Now it is your time to be victorious, and there is no substitute for Resell Rights Boot camp.

Report to special ops training immediately soldier.

We’ll see you at camp soldier,

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