8 Profit-Pulling PLR Strategies

8 Profit-Pulling PLR Strategies That Really Work!

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Unlock the secrets to mastering 8 profit-pulling plr strategies that really work that you can use to build your online empire with private label content!

Who Else Wants To Create MULTIPLE Online Wealth-Building Machines
Using Private Label Rights?

SICK AND FED UP Of Reducing Your Prices Just Because 499 Other Resellers
Who Own The Private Label Rights To The Same Products Are Slaughtering And
Undercutting Each Other In A Price War?

“Discover My 8 Totally Unique, Profit-Pulling Strategies That YOU – Or Anyone – Can Use To Rake In MASSIVE Recurring Profits From Private Label Rights. . . Starting Today!”

If You STRONGLY Desire To Master The Skill Of Making Money AT WILL From Private Label Rights – Whether You Want To Go Low, Middle Or High Ticket – Without Having To Engage In A Blood Bath With 499 Other Resellers, This Is Going To Be The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read.

If you have been marketing online for a while now – or even hang around in the Private Label Rights (PLR) arena for a month – are YOU faced with any one or more of these challenges?

  • “I am new to Private Label Rights and have little or no idea on how to make money from Private Label products.”
  • “I own the Private Label Rights to some products… but so do 499 other people! It is HIGHLY competitive and the worst part is that some of the resellers are selling the products at super rock bottom prices, undercutting me and everyone else! What can I do?”
  • “How do I create several on-going income streams from all the Private Label Content that I have in my hard drive?”
  • “Is it humanly possible for me to sell Private Labeled products at middle to high ticket prices without reducing the price and even though there are hundreds (or thousands) of other resellers out there who are selling the same products for pennies on the dollar?

I have been marketing online for years now at this time of writing. What many folks don’t know though, is that I make a handsome living from buying, using and selling other people’s PLR products.

I currently own a growing online network of on-going income generators that originated from Private Label Content, selling a variety of digital products and memberships. And I single-handedly achieve all these through using, practicing and mastering what I call the…

I think it’s remarkable in many ways, considering that I had ZERO business experience prior to joining the Internet Marketing scene.

Hey, I hope you don’t get ideas that I seek indulgence in bragging so no way am I trying to impress you. But I DO want to impress upon you that it is HUMANLY POSSIBLE to make handsome profits at will from Private Label Content, and that you can go low ticket, middle ticket or even high ticket at anytime you like.

Even though 499 other resellers may own the Private Label Rights to the same products as you do. And regardless of how high or how low these resellers sell each of the same products. You’ve seen my totally irrefutable proof.

How would YOU like to master the same set of priceless skills by tonight? Now it’s possible…

“Announcing The 8 Profit-Pulling PLR Strategies That Really Work!”

8 PLR Profit Strategies That Really Work!
10 MP3 Audios + PDF Master Transcript (1 hour 25 minutes)
Instant Digital Download After Purchase!

For The First Time Ever… YOU Too, Can Unlock The Secrets To Mastering Multiple Unique, Profit-Making Strategies That You Can Use To Build Your Online Empire With Private Label Content!

I can only teach a finite amount of people if I had done it on a one-on-one basis, so I conceived this full-blown course where I reveal EVERYTHING I have learnt in the past years that can bring you massive success with making money from Private Label Rights.

This is not something that you already know so well of. I have been keeping tabs on other ‘PLR Expert’ wanna-bes in the Internet Marketing arena and they’re not even talking about what I’m sharing in my 8 PLR Profit Strategies That Really Work! course.

Here’s What You Will Learn In A Nutshell . . .

PLR Profit Strategy #1

How I get people to pay me and then build my mailing list! You will also learn that this exact technique has helped branded me in the process as an authority figure in my chosen niche.

  • The concept behind how I pulled in $19,576 in total sales in 6 days, brought in 300 paid customers, and 3,000 responsive leads into my autoresponder account under 2 months!
  • Why basement price sale is for losers… I have nothing against pricing your products low ticket for the ‘low hanging fruit’ market but I seriously think people who resell products at $0.99 to $5.00 shouldn’t be online at all. If you want to be rich and make big money, you have to think BIG (and this is what my course is all about!)
  • Why you can still pull this off even though you may have no product yet, no list or even no established credibility yet! I have taught this in my interviews with other Internet Marketers before and also some of my close business associates and since then, they started to get more subscribers and later increase in sales.
  • How to make use of the same PLR products to make money and build your opt-in mailing list, even if other resellers are already selling it. I have disproved a common myth that one cannot make money if the PLR product is too saturated, and my “$20,000 case study” in itself, is irrefutable proof.

+And Much More… You Get The Complete ‘Modus Operandi’ Behind This Highly Profitable PLR Strategy!

PLR Profit Strategy #2

Just by shifting the focus “a little”, I could greatly increase the perceived value of my products even though they were re-worked Private Label Content acquired at free to low cost.

  • The same process I went through when creating membership levels that sold for $67, $97 and $147 each – and they’ve been selling consistently since 2006… even to this day! (the membership site makes $25,000 a year in sales for upgrades alone!)
  • Low cost membership scripts that you can get at affordable prices and are easy to install… even if you don’t know how to, they are backed by good customer support as I have been using them for years.
  • How NOT to make this a ‘typical’ PLR membership site – there are already too many of those sites and it’s becoming over competitive. I’ll show you how Resell Rights Mastery is different from other membership sites of its kind, and how you can duplicate its success for incredible results in any other niches…

+And Much More… You Get The Complete ‘Modus Operandi’ Behind This Highly Profitable PLR Strategy!

PLR Profit Strategy #3

This strategy can help sky rocket an anonymous marketer into Internet Marketing stardom!

  • This strategy is similar to PLR Profit Strategy #1 in many respects… only faster and easier to do! (although this means the benefits and advantages are also less compared to PLR Profit Strategy #1)
  • How you can build your name virally and pump red hot leads into your autoresponder account aggressively!
  • A little known profit center you can tap into and make money from your readers, and as a ‘side effect’ put a catalyst into the viral distribution of your E-Books!
  • Anyone with no credibility (yet), no product and no list can take advantage of this PLR Profit Strategy starting today…

+And Much More… You Get The Complete ‘Modus Operandi’ Behind This Highly Profitable PLR Strategy!

PLR Profit Strategy #4

You will probably make the headlines if you can pull this feat by running the lives of a string of Internet Marketers and build your online media influence exponentially!

  • Hardcore, unique list building strategy never revealed or thought about by other Internet Marketers… until I discovered this.
  • How to make a highly profitable income from a string of online newsletters, and tap into an undying market of opportunity-seeking advertisers! (Depending on how big you build your online newsletters, you can charge anywhere from $50 to even $300 per advertising space!)
  • And yes… you can achieve all these using Private Label Rights content!
  • Aggressive list building strategies to build your list quickly, keep subscribers and lower your un-subscription rate…

+And Much More… You Get The Complete ‘Modus Operandi’ Behind This Highly Profitable PLR Strategy!

PLR Profit Strategy #5

This technique can separate you totally from the rest of the PLR junkies with the “hobbyist” mentality… especially when you begin comparing the size of your bank accounts.

  • Turn your hard drive collection of Private Label Rights products into an active gold mine with this strategy!
  • How to develop a USP (or Unique Selling Proposition) for your own online vault and make money… either through one-time payments or monthly billings and earn residual income!
  • How to get members to your membership site!

+And Much More… You Get The Complete ‘Modus Operandi’ Behind This Highly Profitable PLR Strategy!

PLR Profit Strategy #6

The secret of many TOP Internet Marketers who THINK BIG and DO BIG with the FEW Private Label Content they have… and EARN BIG.

  • How to create your own comprehensive Information Products in record time, using only Private Label Content!
  • How to go middle or high ticket with this PLR business model!

+And Much More… You Get The Complete ‘Modus Operandi’ Behind This Highly Profitable PLR Strategy!

PLR Profit Strategy #7

I make $1,500 – $4,500 every time I do this, and the product development cost is often close to zero.

  • This is the same strategy I used to help a guy who was $10,000 in debt and he owes his jumpstart in Internet Marketing to this. It was life changing for him… it could be for you too.
  • I used to make anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 every time I used this strategy in 2006 through 2007. I later perfected it and started making $4,500 to even $5,000++ just recently using the same PLR Profit Strategy!
  • The ‘hamburger’ analogy… how value adding spells profits in this PLR Profit Strategy, and again another proof why your competitors and their petty ‘basement price selling’ is irrelevant to how much money you plan to make online!
  • This strategy is highly duplicable with other people’s PLR products or even Public Domain content as long as they have no restrictions to their use.

+And Much More… You Get The Complete ‘Modus Operandi’ Behind This Highly Profitable PLR Strategy!

PLR Profit Strategy #8

Want to be wealthy? Think like the Dummies *hint*.

  • How you can quadruple your cash points like what the Dummies guides are using in book shops… but believe it or not, you have a better advantage of closing a higher percentage of sales simply because you’re using the Internet!
  • How to pull this off in quick succession and build a stronger brand name using Private Label Content. This is the same Private Label strategy applied by retail stores like Giant, Tesco and Wal-Mart.
  • Spawn multiple low-ticket products with Private Label Rights and create an exponential network for exponential income! This is exactly how my $10 products sell in volumes for long periods of time in addition to my middle- and high-ticket products in the marketplace.

+And Much More… You Get The Complete ‘Modus Operandi’ Behind This Highly Profitable PLR Strategy!

ATTENTION: Get Your Copy Now IF:

  • You are clueless on how to profit from Private Label Content. In my audio and transcript course, you will discover 8 proven, time-tested strategies that you can use for your own in turning digital trash into cash.
  • You are sick and fed up of competing with hundreds of other resellers who knows nothing else but undercut you and others. When you use any of my PLR Profit Strategies, your competitors become irrelevant and I will show how you can make money at will – whether you want to go low ticket, mid ticket or high ticket.
  • You are serious about creating an expanding, profitable Online Empire. Now you can get everything you need to know at your fingertips, and the same exact secrets that took me years to learn (and unlearn occasionally) to pioneer my own six figure Online Empire from scratch!

And also…

WARNING! This Manual Is NOT For You IF:

  • You prefer to complain about your competitors or the vendors who sold you the Private Label Rights rather than take productive action. If you feel comfortable complaining about your competitors (though I understand your feelings) or taking your anger on other PLR sellers because they couldn’t control the selling prices, please DON’T invest in my course. I’m divulging powerful money-making strategies but you have to exhibit a positive mindset to fully take advantage of them.
  • You think that my crash course is a “silver bullet” to online riches. I want to be 100% clear with you that I do NOT make promises on the amount of profits you may make from using the information in my course. You may take action and make the money you have been dreaming of. Or you may do nothing and of course, get NOTHING.

Often this should go without saying but before anyone gets the wrong idea, I want to spell this out clearly.

“Years of Knowledge And 6 Figure In Annual Profits… Now Distilled Into Just 1.5 Hours Of Rock-Solid, Ground Breaking Information!”

Admittedly, I don’t have the luxury of time to teach people one by one. And for everything I know on how to make money and grow a business online with PLR content, I should be charging in the thousands just for mentoring.

So I decided to distill every strategy I know, 8 to be exact, into a full-blown audio course – no secrets held back – and…

tYou Receive A Full, Complete MASTER TRANSCRIPT To All Of The MP3 Audio Sessions! ($97 Value)

The best way and fastest way to learn is to print this PDF transcript (101 pages long) and read while listening to the audios.

I have deliberately left ample space throughout the transcript for you to take your own notes and jolt down your potential million dollar ideas.

There’s nothing else out there quite like what I share in my course, and I guarantee it.

This is the only comprehensive guide to making money and growing an Online Business from Private Label Rights that produces results… to the tune of 6 figure in annual profits for the past 3 consecutive years, and 5 figure in opt-in leads.

“I’m Taking Your PLR Success Seriously, So I’m Upping The Ante With These Wealth Building Bonuses!”

Invest in your own copy of “8 PLR Profit Strategies That Really Work!” today and these Bonus Special Reports are yours to keep at no extra cost:-

PLR Profit Bonus #1:
PLR Success Mindset
($27.00 Value!)

Straight from one of the leading marketers in the Private Label Rights industry…

Discover how YOU can exhibit your very own success mindset using my 3 Commandments To PLR Profits, and make a handsome killing in the PLR market without having to necessarily resort to reducing your prices!

PLR Profit Bonus #2:
Private Label Rights Explained ($27.00 Value!)

Develop a better and thorough understanding on the Private Label Rights phenomenon in the Internet Marketing industry, and how you can start making money from this market today…!

“Act Now And Invest In My 8 Profit-Pulling PLR Strategies That Really Work!”

I understand that after making my purchase through your secure server, I can immediately access the MP3 audios, the PDF Master Transcript and the Bonus Reports.

Here’s To Your Incredible PLR Profits! :-)

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