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Mass Control Revealed
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Listen to our exclusive private interview with Frank Kern the worlds most in demand launch specialist with the mass control revealed audio and transcript.

Download this incredible interview today…

“Straggle Haired, Surfer Dude From California Reveals Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Tactics Guaranteed To Win The Hearts and Minds Of Your Prospects And Put More Money In Your Pocket Than A 3 Day, Uzi Powered, Bank Robbing Spree!…”


An Exclusive Private Interview With The World’s Most In Demand Launch Specialist…

Let me ask you a question… Have you ever secretly longed to launch your products to a crowd of almost frenzied prospects, to see your inbox flooded with ‘big-ticket’ order confirmations and then watch helplessly as your server melts under the sheer volume of people desperate to buy from you. . .

(LOL – Okay maybe the server melting isn’t what you’re looking for, but in some sick, twisted kinda way it’d still be cool – right?)

Think about it –

When your biggest marketing challenge
becomes how to politely turn customers away,
life would be pretty peachy wouldn’t it?

Well the thing is, it doesn’t take much extra effort to put yourself in that position. (You could already be 90% of the way there, and maybe just a few straightforward tweaks to your current plans could put you, smack bang, in that position). . .

. . . Look, if you want tactics and strategies that’ll make your next product launch a life changing success – If you’re ready to sweat it out on a 6, 7 or even, 8 $figure launch then there’s only one thing you need to do right now – Keep Reading!

Because what you’re about to hear
is the ‘stuff’ that dreams are made of!

This is your chance to finally get on the inside track, to discover just what it takes and exactly how it feels, to command a Million Dollar product launch –

If you want to know exactly how to control an army of prospects hungry for your next big sale, then there’s one person you should be listening too. He’s been the guy behind most of Internet Marketing’s biggest and most profitable launches in the last couple of years… Frank Kern

Introducing “Mass Control Revealed”

“Mass Control Revealed” Is a no holds barred, 60 minute interview with marketing mastermind Frank Kern –

Inside you’ll get to hear some of the best marketing advice, tips and tricks you’ll find online today…

“It’s Packed With Pure Marketing Gold!”

Get the insider story on this years most eagerly anticipated and talked about product launches.

Discover the core principles of Mass Control that you can use in your business.

Prepare to be blown away!

Here’s Just A Little Of What You’ll Hear In This Private Interview:

  • Mass Control Marketing Boiled Down To It’s Most Basic Principles (understanding this will set you apart from the crowds of ‘me too’ marketers and rocket you into the big league)
  • The Big Secret To Writing Million Dollar Sales Copy That Anyone Can Do (and this flies directly in the face of what you’ve probably read about up to now)
  • How To Instantly Overcome The Three Reasons Why People Don’t Buy Your Products (Once you learn to eliminate these major concerns you’ll triple your regular profits)
  • How To Craft Appealing Stories In Your Sales Copy To Draw People In (Classic Example Of Implementing A Story To Your Readers)
  • How Mass Control Will Minimise Your Workflow And Get Your More Sales (learn how to work less and make more – twisted but true!)
  • The Three Easy Fixes To Turn A Dribble Of Sales Into A Flood Of Orders (right now you are probably making at least one of these mistakes and it’s killing your sales – discover how to stop the leak)
  • How To Improve Your Conversions By Creating Offers That People Are Desperate To Buy (Frank spills the beans on exactly what you should do)
  • Why You Should Charge More For Your Products Than Everyone Else In Your Market (this is almost too easy but you’ll be amazed at the result)
  • What You Should Be Sending To Your List Today That Will See Your Future Profits Soar! (if you want to build a business the right way put this into action today and watch your business grow rapidly)
  • Frank’s Sneaky ‘Double Whammy’ Tactic To Eliminate Major Purchasing Obstacles (you could put this to work in a matter of hours and double your current sales rates)
  • How Mass Control Generated $360 For Every Subscriber On A 50,000 Size List (think you need a ‘big’ list? – Think again you can do this today even with just a handful of subscribers)
  • A Powerful Sales Technique That’ll Put People Into A Near Psychotic Buying Frenzy (this is completely different from what is being taught right now and it’ll set your sales on fire)


Get ‘Mass Control Revealed’ today – Listen to it, study the transcript, take notes then apply even just a little of this powerful information in your business.

You can be downloading the MP3 and transcript in the next few minutes get started

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