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12 Marketing Studio Project Reports

Marketing Studio Project
$9.97 $1.47

The marketing studio project is a collection of 12 unique audio and pdf reports in various niches including health, home inspections and finance.

“How Would You Like To Own 12 Special Audio Reports WITH Master Resale Rights for Less than the Price of ONE? “

Let’s Get Straight to The Point…

I’m not a copywriter, so there’s no high pressure sales pitch here.

You won’t see any “hypnotic writing”, “scarcity tactics”, “price increases”…etc…

There’s not even a single “bonus” with this product package.

I’m leaving the decision to get my 12 Audio Products for pennies on the dollar all up to your common sense. I think you know a good deal when you see one, so take 30 seconds and look this over….


  1. Healthy Choice – Coconut Oil
  2. Old Boilers, Sagging Floors, and Other Home Inspection Mistakes
  3. Criminal Records – What You Need To Know
  4. Borrowing Student Loans Responsibly Guide
  5. Financing Your Education: Your Future is In Your Hands
  6. GPS Guide
  7. Things You Should Know About Vitamin B12
  8. Everything You need to Know About Home Inspections
  9. Student Loan Consolidation
  10. Windsor Pilates Guide
  11. Understanding Home Inspection – Understanding Your Home
  12. The What’s and How’s of Home Inspection

You Get All 12 Audio Reports, WITH Resale Rights, for Only $1.47

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