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Home Refinance


Discover everything you must know about refinancing your home the correct way without creating mountains of debt with our home refinance audio book.

Don’t even think about refinancing your home until you read this…

Don’t Get Fooled By Shady Lenders!
Discover Everything You MUST Know About Refinancing Your Home The Correct Way Without Creating Mountains Of Debt…

…Including, How to Keep an Eye Out for the Sneaky Tactics Used by Banks and Lenders — and How To Avoid Extortionate Hidden Fees That Are Designed to Drain Your Pockets and Line Theirs!

If you’ve been thinking about refinancing your mortgage for any length of time, then I’m willing to bet you’ve tasted your fair share of worry and stress.

Whether it’s high interest rates and insane fees and charges you’re scared of, or it’s just a case of not having the correct knowledge to make an educated decision (obviously, the most financially-smart decision)…

…Then pay close attention, because you’re about to have every question you’ve ever want to ask about refinancing your home answered.

Don’t Let The Banks Boss You Around And “Recommend” What They Think Is Right!

As you probably already knew, the main thing banks and lenders are interested in (and spend most of their time and efforts) – is profit!

That’s why it’s no surprise that when you step into your bank managers office, he’s “recommending” and leaning towards the option that generates him the most amount of money.

What IS surprising, however, is the extent to which they go to in order to make these vast sums of money – and then hide behind carefully constructed “small-print” after tricking you into paying extortionate lending fees (usually sprung up AFTER everything is agreed.)

You see, in an area as serious as this – anyone without your best interests at heart can be damaging to your financial future – and should be taken out of the equation immediately.

Which is why, after months of blood, sweat and tears (not literally, obviously!) I’ve created a resource that eliminates all the guess-work, answers all your questions, and teaches you everything you need to know to beat the banks!

It’s called “Home Refinancing: What the Banks Won’t Tell You About Refinancing Your Home” and it’s designed to help you make an educated and informed decision — and save you a heck of a lot of money in the process.

Here’s What I’ll Be “Transferring” Directly From My Brain Into Yours In Just A Few Short Moments…

  • Discover What You May Be Getting Yourself Into: You see, it seems like everyone from your neighbors to your co-workers is talking about refinancing their home or property — but what, exactly, IS “refinancing?” On the very first page, the ins and outs of refinancing are explained so that you know EXACTLY what you’re getting into when you sign your name on the “dotted line!”
  • How To De-Code And Understand Confusing Financial Lingo: When you turn to page 3, you’ll quickly be picking up the financial lingo used by sly-talking mortgage lenders. Every complicated word is broken-down and translated into everyday English, so that you know exactly what’s being talked about during that make-it-or-break-it meeting with the loan officers. It’s your house — don’t let the mortgage lenders intimidate you with their fancy blather!
  • Why Would You Want To Refinance? And Is It The Right Move: Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve already thought about refinancing your home or property. But have you even considered why you want to refinance? On page 10, discover the 3 main reasons homeowners refinance — and decide for sure if it’s the right financial move you should be considering.
  • Discover How Refinancing Can Help Slash Your Debt: On page 12, you’ll discover how refinancing your mortgage can actually help slash the debt you’ve been slaving away to for years, and find out why millions of people are taking advantage of refinancing as a “back-door” to nabbing immediate cash!
  • How To Ensure Your Refinancing Experience Is Hitch Free: Knowing when to refinance is often the most difficult step of the entire process — on page 15, the advice that can help you decide is laid out to you on a silver platter, along with other factors that you should consider to ensure that your refinancing experience is hitch — and headache — free.
  • How To Identify the Legitimate Services From the Greedy Scammers: These days, you can’t turn on the TV without being bombarded by commercials offering you startlingly low interest rates to refinance your mortgage — how can you possibly know to identify the legitimate services from the greedy scammers?
  • On page 50, you’ll find out how the law is on your side when it comes to making sure that all fees and closing costs are disclosed to you up-front and with no strings attached. You’ll arm yourself with the knowledge to detect the glaring “Red Flags” of shameless predatory lenders from a mile away!
  • Revealed: How To Save Thousands Of Dollars In The Long Run: In this section, you’ll learn how signing for a fixed-rate mortgage could potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run…and why signing for an adjustable-rate mortgage could sink you for thousands of dollars in the hole.
  • 3 Step Formula To Ensuring You’re Not Piling On Even MORE Debt: Don’t even think about refinancing until you’re 100% positive that it will SAVE you money.
  • On page 16, we’ll be going through the simple three-step formula that can reveal if the cost to refinance will outweigh your potential savings. That’s right — by using this quick, five-second formula, you can assure yourself that you won’t be making a decision that will bog you down with even MORE debt.
  • Discover Exactly How Much You’ll Be Paying, Based On Your Loan: On page 18, you’ll unravel EXACTLY how much you’ll have to pay in refinancing fees based on your loan amount, as well as other standard-rate fees. This is an absolute must know if you’ve ever even considered refinancing your mortgage.
  • Exposed: The One Thing You MUST Do Before Refinancing: You’ll also be learning the one thing you MUST do before refinancing… along with the ONE type of insurance that is essential for protecting you and your home from the dangers of identity theft.
  • 3 Questions You’ve GOT To Ask Yourself Before Making A Move: On page 15, you’ll find three questions you MUST ask yourself about your refinancing goals – along with the professional advice that can help you come up with all the right answers.
  • How To Avoid Becoming A Slave To Your Credit Card Payments: Chances are, like most people, your mortgage isn’t your only financial obligation. On page 31, a real-life, easy-to-read chart depicts how someone with an average credit card debt can actually become a slave to their payments for up to five years or longer — and how you can utilize refinancing to avoid getting caught in the same kind of trap.
  • What You Must Know To Help Decide Which Loan Is Right For You: Contrary to popular belief, “locking-in” an interest rate is NOT the same thing as a fixed-rate mortgage, and on page 33, the advantages (and disadvantages!) of both are revealed. Discover the essential information you MUST know to help you decide which loan is right for you!
  • Revealed: Expert Advice Takes All The Guess-Work Out: After reading page 33, you’ll be able to take the guess-work out of choosing when to lock-in by following expert advice on making that perfectly-timed lock-in.
  • Discover The Sneaky Tactics and Hidden Lending Fees: It’s a no-brainer that lenders are actually losing thousands of dollars every time they allow debtors such as yourself to lock-in favorable rates — so what’s the “catch” for you? On page 37, you’ll pick up on the sneaky tactics and hidden-fees lenders tack-on to cover their backs — and almost always at your wallet’s expense. After this, you’ll be able to spot them from a mile away!
  • How To Get Your Home Appraisal In Half The Time: Your income and credit score have been verified, and there’s only one more step to take before refinancing: home appraisal. This may sound simple, but it’s actually one of the slowest steps involved in refinancing, often delaying the process by up to several months or more. On page 39, discover the three simple things you need to do that are almost guaranteed to slash the time for this lengthy step in half.
  • How To Improve Your Home’s Appraisal In 3 Simple Steps: When you arrive on page 40, I’ll be teaching you how you can improve your home’s appraisal by leaps and bounds by spending less than an hour – all it takes is putting these 3 simple tips to use.

…and That’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg.

When You Get Your Hands On “Home Refinancing” Today (and Today ONLY) You’ll Also Be Picking Up These Golden Nuggets…

How You Can Get Refinanced In Record Time: Turn to page 42 to find out the 7 pieces of paperwork the lender will require before he even considers your application, so that you can streamline the process and get refinanced in record time!

Discover How To Pull Your Credit Score Out Of The Gutter: On page 43, you’ll discover how even the most trivial credit problem can get your application to refinance stamped with a big, fat “DECLINED”…and find out how following these 10 simple rules can help pull your credit score out of the gutter and into the spotlight — where lenders like to see it!

Learn About The Non-Refundable Fee Lenders Sneakily Tack-On: On page 53, you’ll be learning about the ONE type of non-refundable fee that lenders can tack-on to milk you and your bank account for up to several hundred dollars. Believe me, it would be wise to know this.

Revealed: The “Deadly Don’ts” That Can De-Rail All Your Efforts: You may think you know what to do when it comes to refinancing — but do you know what NOT to do?

On page 59, the 3 “Deadly Don’ts” are revealed, along with 2 other precautions that, if ignored, can de-rail your dreams of refinancing and breed nagging financial “monkeys” that cling to your back and never let go.

and much, much more…

As you can see, there is an enormous amount of information you could start benefiting from TODAY inside “Home Refinancing.”

What better way to take control of your finances than by investing in this instant-download resource, jam packed full of unbiased advice and controversial money-saving tips and tricks?

Frankly, there isn’t a better way.

The only other option is going it alone (or trusting the lenders, of course!)

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