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Guerrilla Marketing Explained

Guerrilla Marketing Explained
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Terry Telford interviews Jay Conrad Levinson a true marketing legend for the guerilla marketing explained 7 steps to a successful marketing campaign audios.

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7-Steps To A Successful Marketing Campaign

Terry Telford interviews Jay Conrad Levinson, who is the father of Guerrilla Marketing and he is a true marketing legend. He is a real veteran of the marketing and advertising industry. He’s worked with two of the world’s greatest advertising agencies. He?s been with Jay Walter Thompson and Leo Burnett. He is the real deal. This is no smoke and mirrors; this guy is for real…

If you’ve been out there and you’ve read Guerrilla Marketing or you’ve read one of the other 31 books that he has in that series, you know that his stuff works. This is a guy where you can read his book and apply what he says this is not theory; this is the real stuff. Another thing that?s kind of cool is that Jay also worked with Playboy. He’s written columns and articles for Entrepreneur Magazine, INC magazine, and the list goes on and on. This guy is absolutely amazing…

Even thought he has a really impressive resume, the real tipping point for Jay was the Guerrilla Marketing book…

Love What You Do And You’ll Never Work Another Day In Your Life

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