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Listen to our 4 hour cd walkthrough and discover how to get webpage visitors through a wide range of platforms. Learn little known tricks and automation.

Are You Missing Out On the Most Profitable Skill? …

What A Broke, Un-Employed 27-Year-Old and My Date With Drew Barrymore Can Teach You About Creating Endless Leads, Generating Sales and Making MONEY ONLINE

Learn How to Reach Over 1 BILLION Net Users Globally – All Exactly One Click Away From Your Website (1-Click Away From Spending Money With YOU)

PROOF: My Date With Drew Barrymore Proves You Can Sell ANYTHING Online… If You Learn The RIGHT Skills

Why should you care about Brian…

… especially since you have no idea who he is?

Because he accomplished something that can go down in the history books as one of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time …

And he did it at age 27, broke, un-employed, with no experience and acting like a bumbling idiot along the way.

You think landing that job you’ve been pursuing is tough?

Frustrated with trying to sell your new info-product?

Or are you worn out because you can’t seem to “sell” anyone on joining you in your network marketing downline?

Try Brian’s shoes on for size…

Try going from un-known and un-employed to landing a date with Drew Barrymore.

(More about that in the video below).

What Brian did well (by accident) is the same thing that could land you better career opportunities, more dates, more joint venture partners, more leads, and a lot more sales… effective use of the web for marketing.

Jay Abraham and Ted Nicholas, two men who each get paid a hefty compensation for their advice and have played a part in billions of dollars worth of sales… both constantly harp on the fact that the single most profitable skill to develop is marketing.

… Because it applies to nearly every part of your life’s goals: finding the right partner, getting the right job, achieving your sales goals, making more money …

It can also help in attaining a 2-decade old dream of sitting down for a date with a Hollywood superstar.

“My Date With Drew” is one of the best case studies of a marketing campaign (even though it’s a documentary) because it shows that pretty much any goal can be attained if the message for the target audience is presented right and communicated effectively.

And the internet gives 1 Billion + users worth of opportunity to get that message right! Just a fraction of those individuals even seeing an offer can mean an incredible amount of wealth.

… The Same Skill Helped Regular-Guy

But Extra-Ordinary Marketer, John Reese, Create $1,000,000 in 24 Hours

This is probably old news to you, but the knowledge of online advertising (ie: traffic generation) is also why this “one-man show” was able to generate an impressive amount of sales in just one day: $1 MILLION in 24 hours.

The skeptics will quickly say “Nonsense! How is that even possible?” …

…Nothing to be skeptical about.

If you had something that 1 in 200 people would happily pay $1000 for … and you could show 200,000 people an offer for that something … that’s 1000 sales you’d receive, each for $1000 = $1,000,000.

And, if you showed those 200,000 your offer all in the same day, you’d also produce $1 million in sales within 24 hours, right?

What you should now be asking is “how can I start learning at least a FRACTION of what this John Reese guy knows about traffic generation.”

I pick on John Reese because he’s a bit of a celebrity with online marketers ever since his publicity stunt. But there are THOUSANDS of men and women who earn very impressive incomes online because they learned how to “funnel attention” who you’d never hear about.

If you can grab the attention of just a portion of the 1 Billion + internet users worldwide long enough to present an introduction to your offer, you too can get one step closer to your income goal.

So how can YOU start learning proper, ethical and effective online advertising (or “traffic generation”) techniques?
Be Careful Who You Take Flying Lessons From!

My good friend and co-creator of “How Can I Get Visitors To My Website: Traffic Generation Techniques Explained”, Doug Hudiburg, runs a website called that features snippets of online business building tips from dozens of contributors.

I have a couple of my own “quick tips” on his site … and one of them is worth revisiting right now:

There’s danger in taking advice from someone who is basing their “suggestions” on general theories and book knowledge. It can cost you time and money.

On the other hand, if you have the opportunity to learn from someone who has years of successful hands-on knowledge … you should jump at it.

“How Can I Get Visitors to My Website”?

… That question gets asked on a *very* regular basis. By those who are starting out. And by those who are just plain simply confused.

The answer back is usually something like: “setup PPC campaigns on Google, create a blog and buy some ezine advertising.” (Or a variation of that).

What each of those mean, what they are, how they work, why they work and how to best implement each (and which resources can save time/money or produce automation results) isn’t discussed.

Which leaves the person still asking: “How can I get visitors to my website” or “How can I get more traffic to my webpage”.

Here’s our answer:

We put together a 4-CD audio walkthrough (nearly 4 hours of education ALL about traffic generation), along with a Resource PDF and even a “cheat sheet”.

We explored the most common (ie: most effective) traffic generation techniques and clarified what each strategy really is, how it works, why it works and most importantly, how YOU can act on it to turn it into results for your own website.

How Can I Get Visitors To My Website

4xCD + Resource PDF + “Cheat Sheet” Traffic Course

CD #1
Article Marketing
Video Marketing

CD #2
Blogging (Continued)
Discussion Forums
Traffic Exchanges (Explained, but not endorsed)

CD #3
Social Networks
Social Bookmarking / Tagging
Pay Per Click

CD #4
Pay Per Click (Continued)
Banner Advertising
Ezine Advertising
Press Releases
Podcasting / Internet Radio

Resource PDF + Cheat Sheet
Links to “Little Known” Tricks We Discussed In the Audios
Automation Tools
Directory Lists (such as article submission sites, video submission sites, ezine directories, etc)

For each of the techniques, we look at the definition (what it is), we explain why it works and how that strategy means traffic to a website, we provide our input and our own “twists” for each one and then leave you with recommended next steps.

In the end, you walk away with a clear understanding of how you could get to work and start funneling attention to your webpage(s) of choice (and, don’t worry, we include short-cuts where possible and recommended automation resources to help you speed along with your results).

Who Is This Ideal For?

The affiliate marketer looking for low-cost and creative ways to bring more “clicks” to his affiliate offers.
The realtor looking to establish an online presence locally in order to generate brand awareness and leads.
The network marketer tired of paying $1 – $5 per recycled home-business opportunity lead and wanting to generate interested prospects from their own pages.

An activist looking to bring attention to his or her cause (maybe to gather signatures for a petition).
The college student wanting to sell his “junk” online for a few quick dollars (such as for rent seeing as rent money was spent on last weekend’s Kegger).

The lonely man or woman who plays the “internet dating” game but isn’t getting the kinds of response to their profiles as they expected.

The employer wanting to save money on their staff-recruitement who would rather advertise online for their available positions (and further establish a brand at the same time).

The non-profit organization looking for more exposure, more donations and more volunteers and would like a website that could accomplish all this AND could allow them to sell ad-space (because of their traffic levels) to use for their foundation.

The budding new infopreneur who thought overnight riches would be his but now realized he needs qualified prospects to his offers.

The new blog owner hoping to reach 5-figures monthly ad revenue from his blog and wanting to get the word out about his blog’s ramblings to start building his readership.

The stereotyped single-mother who really does want to stay at home with her child(ren) but has no idea how any of this “internet stuff” works.

What You Get:

4 CDs (Approx 4 Hours) of Our Traffic Generation Experience – (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD VERSION)

31-Page Resource PDF. Further Details On Some of the Concepts Covered In the Audios. Links To the Free and Useful Tools Mentioned In the Audios.

Cheat Sheet (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format). Strategic Organized Method of Quickly Building Traffic to Any Website. A Powerful Technique To Advance You Quicker Through Your Income Goals.

P.S.: “If you don’t take risks, you’ll have a wasted soul.” – Drew Barrymore

… That quote drove a broke “average guy” to accomplish a goal of meeting Drew Barrymore. And it’s a great quote. But with THIS offer, you don’t take the risk, we do. The entire package is backed by our regular 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not overly impressed by the content and value, we’ll happily issue a refund AND you keep the entire package!

Grab the entire course (audios + PDF + cheatsheet) now.

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