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Learn how to transform your fishing skills and become a better fisherman in less than 30 minutes with our fishing audiobook “what a kick in the bass”.

“Are You Ready to Transform Your Fishing Skills in Less than 30 Minutes?…

Finally, the Sage-Wisdom Exploited For Years by Professional Fishermen to Reel-In Staggering Catches of Bass is Handed Down to ‘The Next Generation!’

Whether You’re a Superstar Pro or a Part-Time Hobbyist, You’ll be Overwhelmingly Surprised at How Incredibly Easy it is to Channel Your Inner-Passion to Become a Better Fisherman.”

Let me ask you a quick question:

Does this sound familiar?

“The lure bobs, and suddenly, the line is tugged by the force of a behemoth trout… only to SNAP without warning!”

If that sounds like you, don’t worry, because you are not alone.

The fact is, many other nightmare scenarios – including this one above – have even been experienced by some of the MOST accomplished fishermen in the world.

Yes, really…

“I’m Not Pulling Your Leg… Or Your Line for that Matter!”

So it’s no doubt that you’re probably finding yourself stuck in similar situations.

I mean, if this happens to the best of fishermen, then it’s obviously gonna’ happen to you, right?

But there is no need to worry: All hope is NOT lost.

Thanks to a recent breakthrough in the way in which I can distribute this knowledge to you, I am now able to offer you the answers to ALL your fishing problems, in a matter of minutes.

For example: You’ll discover things such as the “missing piece” that makes the difference between an amateur without a single bite and a fishermen whose bucket is overflowing with healthy, meaty bass.

You’ll also instantly figure out the most important element of fishing.

And if you’re not using the right type or size of “this” (you’ll find out exactly what “this” is in just a moment) – it can seriously drown your bass-fishing efforts before you even have the chance to get started.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to fish like a “master of the reel” then I suggest you waste no time getting started today, as this may be THE most important manual you read this year.

“Take a Time Out to Carefully Examine Each and Every Closely-Guarded Secret and ‘Nugget’ of Valuable Information that You’ll Learn When You Download ‘What a Kick in the Bass’ Today…”

  • The first section takes a revealing look at fishing’s place in history, including the ancient societies that depended on this widely popular activity to feed thousands upon thousands of people, and discover just HOW they did it — and with NO modern technology whatsoever!
  • Without a doubt, you’ve witnessed first-hand the popularity of the bass; whether it’s being snapped-up by competitive fishermen or just-for-fun hobby fishers, it’s no secret that this special fish is sought after by fishermen around the globe. But have you ever stopped and asked, “WHY is this fish so popular?!” If so, then it’s time to turn to page 9, where I’ll reveal exactly what it is about this mysterious fish that drives both “pros and joes” biting mad!
  • Bass fishing tournaments award jaw-dropping, illustrious prizes such as sparkling new boats and cars, and if you’re ready to test the waters and grab the gold for yourself, check out page 14 for an exclusive crash-course on competitive bass fishing.
  • The 3 most popular tournaments and more than 10 smaller competitions that are perfect opportunities for novice fishermen, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about catching the biggest, tastiest bass you’ve ever laid eyes — or mouth — on!
  • Also, I use the most down-to-earth lingo to explain the commonly misunderstood scoring system used by tournament officials to score the catch! Believe me, it’s more important than you might think.
  • Professional and hobby fishermen alike cringe when it comes to shopping for a boat, but if you follow my exclusive “Boat Buyer’s Guide” revealed on page 20, I’ll arm you with the knowledge you need to select and purchase a boat that is ideal for your fishing needs and WON’T break the bank!
  • From the tell-tale signs of a quality motor to the ONE feature you must IMMEDIATELY look for, I’ll “sink” all the hassles of boat buying and make your shopping experience as easy as a trip to the supermarket!
  • The things you MUST look for when choosing the correct rod, including a run-down of the 5 most common rods used by serious fishermen worldwide to catch the shiniest, most mouthwatering bass this side of the equator!
  • I couldn’t believe it at first, either, but this one-of-a-kind fishing pole found almost exclusive in Europe is capable of catching HUNDREDS of multi-pound fish in a matter of hours — find out what it is on page 27!
  • On page 28, I’ll reveal the secret to choosing a lure that is not only COMPLETELY irresistible to even the smartest fish, but also provides the perfect balance of weight to your rod.
  • And as if that didn’t cover it, I’m also going to reveal the 4 most sure-fire lures, including the one used by PRO fishermen for decades to catch mammoth bass! This one’s a real treat.
  • Often, the most BORING part of fishing is waiting an eternity for a single fish to cross your lure and bite your bait, but if you flip to page 29, I’ll show you how using a state-of-the-art Sonar Unit could be the key to unlocking an ocean of handsome, hungry bass!
  • If you’re thinking, “I don’t have thousands of dollars to blow,” you’ll be delighted when I pass-down the truth about how today’s cutting-edge units can be purchased for a mere FRACTION of their formerly astronomical prices!
  • If you don’t know the first thing about using or buying a Sonar Unit, that’s all the better, because my expert guide on page 30 exposes the 4 basic components that are considered STANDARD in any high-quality unit that’s worth buying.
  • I’ll also guide you by the hand with my detailed explanations of how these and other components should be augmented to ensure fishing sessions so plentiful, you’ll have to throw fish BACK!
  • I’ll divulge expert knowledge on the 13 most used forms of bait including the one type trusted by professional fishermen for its amazing status as a “hunting dog” that actually does the fishing FOR you!
  • What the friendly clerk at the neighborhood bait ‘n’ tackle store will never tell you is how weather can affect the appetites of fish so profoundly that you won’t get a SINGLE bite, no matter how tempting your bait.
  • I’ll also disclose another piece of must-have information on page 35: The ONLY bait fish may bite in certain weather conditions!
  • If you’re ready to make the catch of the millennium, let me show you how the experts do it as I divulge the fool-proof, fail-proof secrets to tossing the perfect cast; these expert tricks and techniques have been closely-guarded by the “Fishing Elite” for years, but all you have to do to obtain this golden knowledge is turn to page 38!
  • Developed an improved casting technique in the next 5 minutes by harnessing these 6 astonishingly simple tips and tricks revealed on page 41 — some of them are so easy to do, all they take is a quick flick of the wrist!
  • Put your trust in my no-nonsense netting tips and techniques unveiled on page 42, you’ll never have to suffer the crushing feeling that you were “THIS CLOSE” to nailing the shiniest, most flawless fish ever!
  • Whether you want to compete for the prize in a championship tournament or you just enjoy relaxing by the lake as you reel the fish in, my “Bass Kickin’ Guide to Success” has been custom-formulated with 7 easy-to-follow steps that are essential to ensuring that no matter when you hit the waters, you’ll come back home with a mind-blowing load of mouth-watering bass!

“…and That’s Just the Icing on the Cake.”

Even so, from what you have seen so far, I’m sure you’ll agree that I really have outdone myself on this one.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think there is any way you could disagree.

I’ve covered every angle, every problem, every solution – pretty much everything that you could possibly want to know, or would need to know in the future.


I hope so.

But if for some reason, whatever that may be, you can’t find yourself to agree with me on this, then I suggest you scroll back up and carefully examine each and every bullet in the list above – IN DETAIL!

“Once You Have Done that and You are Satisfied that ‘What a Kick in the Bass’ is UNBEATABLE – Come Back to this Point!”

Because once you have done that, and once you are MORE than satisfied that I am literally dishing out hundreds of dollars worth of savings-tips, advice and insider knowledge…

…Not to mention the secret tips, tricks and techniques that you NEED to succeed in your mission to be the best at fishing – then, and only then will you appreciate the true value of what I am offering.

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