Home Brewing Made Easy

Drink Up! Your Guide to Home Brewing Made Easy


Drink up! Your guide to home brewing made easy will learn you how to satisfy the taste bud of every person who drinks your delicious home-made magic potion.

Instantly Learn How To Brew Irresistibly Refreshing Beer…

Or Produce Fine And Elegant Wines… SO “Professional-Like” That Your Friends And Guests SIZZLE Over The Taste -No Matter How “Wined and Dined” They Are!

…Even If You’ve Never Home-Brewed A Single Batch Of Alcohol Before…

It’s absolutely true.

I don’t care if you’ve tried to create your own beer or wine and failed, or just simply never tried at all.

You WILL learn how to satisfy the taste bud of every person who drinks your “magic potion” whether you think you have it within you, or not.

It’s easy.

You wouldn’t believe how incredibly simple it is to perform like the “home-brewing elite” to create the smoothest, most delectable spirits, wines and beers.

  • Take A Quick Peak At The Amazing Knowledge You’ll Be Downloading Straight Into Your Brain Today:
  • Before you make any attempts at brewing your own “good stuff,” open-up to page 4 to discover how alcohol was a staple of citizens’ diets in the powerful civilizations of the Ancient World, as well as the literally “old-school” tricks of the trade used by THIS nation to create what has become one of the most popular drinks served in modern bars.
  • Do you know which country brewed beer even before they knew how to make bread? You won’t believe your ears when you hear this!
  • Before you can become a regular Samuel Adams and concoct your own alcoholic beverages from scratch, you MUST turn to page 13 to educate yourself on all the legal precautions to take before lining the walls of your refrigerator with your own homemade brew! Don’t risk a run-in with the law — from the organizations and forms that need to be registered, to the amounts and kinds of alcohol that are legal to brew, all legalities are addressed so that your brewing hobbies attract thirsty friends and relatives…not the cops!
  • When your copy arrives in your in-box, turn to page 15 to discover how a few simple ingredients undergo a mind-blowing transformation to create your favorite beer or wine, including the 5 processes that MUST occur to brew-up a frothy, refreshing cold one. Also, find out how forgetting this ONE special ingredient can send your beer-making efforts literally undrinkable!
  • Also on page 15, I will tell you the one single ingredient that means the difference between beer and wine — if you plan on drinking your home-brewed beer or wine, you won’t want to skip this!
  • If you’re serious about making your own brew, then you can’t afford to miss the “Brew Master’s Lingo” revealed on page 20, including all the exclusive terminology used by the home-brewing elite to create the smoothest, most delectable spirits…and don’t worry about any confusing jargon, because I’ve broken down all the fancy talk so that you can know exactly what you need to know to Brew the Best, and nothing but!
  • When you turn to page 23, you’ll discover the 5 special pieces of equipment and the 9 accessories you’ll need to construct your very own expert “Brewer’s Lair,” so that you can brew beverages just as appetizing as those that come from within the walls of professional breweries and wineries!
  • If you’d rather buy a kit and have all the necessary equipment presented at your disposal, then my Brewing Kit Buyer’s Guide found on page 25 will guide you through the entire selection and purchasing process, from determining the type and model of kit that’s right for your goals, to the components that the kit MUST include (if it doesn’t come with at least these 5 parts, then it’s NOT worth your money!).
  • Or, keep your costs to a bare minimum and turn to page 26 for a complete how-to guide on building your Home Brewing Kit for pennies on the dollar! From the special type of bucket that is absolutely required for the pleasant results you want, to the dirt-cheap gadget that can make or break your first brewing efforts, I’ll tell you EXACTLY what you need to know when it comes to rigging-up a high-quality, affordable brewing apparatus that will guarantee refreshing results every time!
  • Also, discover the one piece of specialty equipment you’ll NEED to purchase if you plan on using this kind of grain, OR ELSE your alcohol will taste like putrid sludge (if you can even force that much of it into your mouth!)!
  • You can’t make beer if you don’t have the right ingredients — and those are exactly what I’ll reveal to you when you open-up your copy to page 27!
  • These 4 ingredients have been coveted for centuries by artisan beer makers who have perfected the craft of authentic beer brewing, and now, it’s time to pass the torch on to you and hand-down the tried-and-true, time-proven ingredients list so that you can adapt it to your own visions — and tastes! — of irresistible, delectable beer.
  • Also, for your very first batch, use THIS type of grain revealed on page 27 for first-time results that are practically guaranteed to taste great and to your specifications.
  • When it comes to making QUALITY beer, this type of water must be avoided like the plague!
  • Once you’ve mastered the basic process of brewing your own beer, use these special ingredients and spices revealed on page 27 that can add robust, full-bodied flavors to your “home-spun” spirits — and these 2 ingredients can clarify your beer to even the pickiest of tastes!
  • For years, novice home-brewers have been dumbfounded by this seemingly scientific tool used to ensure proper fermentation of your ingredients, but on page 32, I’ll give you the “crash-course” on not only how to operate this gadget, but also how to interpret its readings and determine what they “bode for your brew!”
  • If you’re ready to brew but not sure which recipe will fit your skill level or tastes, then let the 3 fool-proof, easy-to-follow beer recipes revealed on page 34 be your guide to concocting beer that suits not only your specified level of skill, but also the preferences of your taste buds (I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that this is the most important part!
  • If you’re unsure about ANY factor of the beer-making process — no matter how minor the concern — then you have no choice but to fulfill your “Duty to The Brew!” and arm yourself with the 10 sure-fire tips and tricks for brewing an AAA, 4-Star, “Brewcadamy Award-winning” beer, all revealed on page 38 with your quickest success in mind!
  • If a fine wine suits your fancy, then page 42 is your one-stop shop for all a wine-o-phile could ever want to know about winemaking and more — from the 5 pieces of equipment that you MUST have to ensure a result that is “real” wine, to the types of grapes to use to achieve the crispest, most delectable flavor!
  • Beer and wine are both alcohol, so the processes for making both must be the same — right? Wrong! The process of winemaking and beer-brewing are almost like night and day, and on page 49, I’ll reveal the 7 steps to the art of expert wine making so that you can produce wine so fine, it would surrender even the MOST jaded connoisseur!
  • Also, don’t miss the one step that is NOT present when it comes to beer-making…but is totally, absolutely, without-a-doubt REQUIRED to create drinkable wine!
  • Winemaking is a delicate process that produces a drink that is even more delicate, so you owe it to the sheer elegance of your wine to educate yourself on when to use — and when to toss — these 7 essential additives revealed on page 53.
  • Even if you’ve never home-brewed a single batch of alcohol of any kind, these 5 recipes unveiled on page 57 are fail-proof and easy to follow, yet they produce wines that are SO fine, elegant, and pleasing-to-the-palate that all friends and guests that taste your wine will fawn over its sheer quality of taste, no matter how “wined and dined” they may be!

And That Barely Even Scratches The Surface. “Home Brewing” Is Jam Packed With Far More Information Than You’ll EVER Need – As You Can See For Yourself! So Let’s Cut Straight To The Chase:

It’s obvious that you are starting to realize the benefits of what you’ll be learning today. It’s also pretty obvious that you are excited about it.

And hey, who wouldn’t be?

I mean, when you read the bullets I’ve prepared for you. when you see with your own two eyes that this “digital manual” is cram packed full of all kinds of mind-boggling entertaining, educational – and most of all, practical – information.

Believe me, I’ve worked up a treat in Home Brewing.

My blood, sweat and tears (not literally, of course) went into compiling this mega-highway of information.

With that said, I’m sure you’ll agree that NO-ONE can know what’s in this book — and the amazing uses and benefits it has — better than me.

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