Plan The Best Baby Shower

How To Plan The Best Baby Shower Ever!


From the origins to the truth on how your own etiquette can make or break a shower with our celebrate how to plan the best baby shower ever audiobook.

Discover How To Plan, Prepare for and Host the BEST Baby Shower EVER!

No Matter HOW Much You Doubt Your Ability to Organize and Pull Off a Fantastic and Memorable Baby Shower (One That’ll Stick With You, Your Family and Your Friends For the Rest Of Your Lives)… I Promise That Even If You Use JUST ONE of the Many Techniques in this Book, or Use JUST ONE of Many Secrets Blurted Out by the Elite Hosts and Hostesses… It’ll Be Worth Your Time Listening To Me For The Next Couple Of Minutes!

Discover How To Plan And Prepare For A Stress-Free And Harmonious Retirement -Plus, How You Can Avoid The Many Financial and Emotional Pit-Falls Along The Way!

I’m sure you’ll agree that planning for a baby (and having the baby!) are one of the most precious experiences to be shared amongst your family and friends.

Which is why, if you stick around, I’ll be teaching you everything you need to know – each and every step of the way – when it comes to planning for, and throwing the perfect baby shower.

You betcha!

And not only that, if you are still here in a couple of minutes, you’ll be picking up a range of secrets from designing the menu to the sneaky tips you need to have in your arsenal to be a shining hostess…

…And That’s Just a Handful of the Many Pointers I Have Prepared For You to Make the Whole Task a LOT Easier.

Because let’s be honest with ourselves here.

Having a baby on the way, bring not only joy into the lives of loved ones, but it also sparks an endless list of important questions – ESPECIALLY when it comes to doing a baby shower “the right way!”

You see, no-one, not even yourself, should be expected to figure out the “secret code” to throwing a smashing baby shower, without first consulting the 6 most important questions you MUST ask yourself BEFORE planning a baby shower.

That’s right – BEFORE!

From the origins of the baby shower to the truth on how your own etiquette can make or break a shower, all your questions will be answered when you flip open your copy of “Baby Shower”…including those you were always afraid to ask!

Take a Quick Peak At What’s in Store For You Today:

  • One of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make as the planner of a baby shower is to plan a “surprise!” shower without first consulting the time-tested rules revealed on page 10 — before you even THINK about making that shower an unannounced surprise one, make sure that you’ve educated yourself on these vital dos-and-donts well beforehand – else your well-meaning intentions could spoil into emotional havoc for the mother-to-be!
  • As the planner of the baby shower, there’s no doubt that you’ll also be responsible for organizing the guest list and invitations — at first, this may seem like a trivial matter, but take it from a veteran shower planner: When family, friends of family, and hundreds (or possibly thousands) of others have to be invited, one wrong move can turn this treasured moment into a disaster for all involved! But if you let the strategies revealed on page 12 be your guide, you won’t run into a single hitch, even if the ENTIRE family tree will be showing up!
  • A simple but essential question that constantly runs through the mind of a baby shower planner is, “WHEN?!” Picking a date that satisfies the mother-to-be and her guests has long been feared as one of the trickiest steps in the shower planning process, but if you follow the steps outlined on page 13, you won’t have one BIT of trouble picking the “Perfect Date!”
  • Also on page 13, don’t miss the one day during the year you should NEVER even think about holding a shower on! (HINT: It’s not even a national holiday! I think you’ll be quite surprised at this one!)
  • Deciding WHERE to throw a shower is just AS important as picking the perfect date, so if you have any reservations at all about choosing a venue that’s big or small enough to accommodate everyone, as well as the perfect balance of scenic beauty and appropriate ambiance, then you OWE it to yourself as a responsible planner to put these tips unveiled on page 14 to use!
  • Refreshments and entertainment are two essential components of a baby shower — after all, besides the baby him/herself, they’re what the shower is all about! But if you’re stuck for new ideas when it comes to feeding your guests and keeping them in merry spirits, then turn to page 15; these strikingly original and effective ideas for refreshments and entertainment are a sure-fire way to inject LIFE into your party!
  • Chances are, if you’re planning a baby shower with modern themes and traditions, then the future mom will need YOUR assistance when it comes to writing a gift registration list to be distributed to guests — this daunting, detrimental process is made ridiculously EASY if you take my word and include the 14 most common “gift-list” items craved by expecting mothers revealed on page 15!
  • Arm yourself with the 7 gems of knowledge described on page 18 that you MUST be familiar with to successfully make an accurate invitation list that includes everyone desired by the mother-to-be and not a person more, and find out how to tell if kids will or won’t be a major no-no as guests. Also, discover why sending out e-mail invitations could be the biggest slip-up of your career (and how to tell when they really ARE the way to go!)
  • If you’re scratching your head in constant frustration with choosing the right venue, then flip no further than to page 22, where I’ll reveal the 10 most common venues with UNBEATABLE reputations as the BEST locations for baby showers. Not only that, you’ll be pleased to know they WON’T break your budget, and I’ll address every other aspect of the location-hunting process, from the secrets to preparing mouth-watering and inexpensive food settings to decorations, furniture choices and parking arrangements.
  • Also, don’t miss out on this must-know strategy revealed on page 25 that tells you EXACTLY what you need to when the weather decides to “shower” on your outdoor baby shower!
  • Flip hastily to page 26 for a one-stop resource for all your food preparation solutions, regardless of if your shower will be hosted by a restaurant, catered by an outside party, or even if you decide to utilize one of 5 deliciously original Pot-Luck themes; and find out how to instantly choose a mouth-watering dessert that is not only pleasant to the tastes of every guest in attendance, but also flattering to the mother-to-be and to the shower’s “distinguished guest” — the baby!
  • For a lighter, less expensive menu that will surely please even the pickiest of eaters, consider one of these 3 irresistible lite-menu options unveiled on page 27!
  • But before you even THINK about finalizing food preparations, learn to budget like an expert with the tips and strategies revealed on page 28, including EXACTLY how much you should be spending to feed each and every guest!
  • Everything from utensils to the main course and even condiments are covered in this fool-proof, fill-in-the-blanks Complete Menu on page 29 that takes all the headache and effort out of planning an affordable, five-star quality meal course and simplifies it to a painless, step-by-step process! Also, you may be surprised when you find out the answer to the extremely important question, “To alcohol or not to alcohol?”
  • From the 5 most adorable baby shower themes to the essential decorations that will give your baby shower that jovial, festive glow, when you turn to page 33, you’ll discover how to decorate and theme a baby shower like an expert interior designer — and best of all, these themes, ideas and decorations are SO PRECIOUS, your guests won’t even be able to tell that they’re bottom-of-the-barrel dirt cheap!
  • You’ll exclaim, “Why didn’t I think of that!” when you learn about these irresistibly fun games and activities described on page 38 that are guaranteed to keep your guests rollicking and entertained for hours on end — along with 9 dirt-cheap prizes that are both modest and thoughtful.
  • Your guests will be sure to cherish you and recognize your planning skills if you send them home with these simple 3 party favors on page 42 that cost PENNIES on the dollar, yet are totally personalize to each and every one of your guests!
  • When it comes to gift-giving, you’ll want to give the expectant mother — the most important guest of the evening, no doubt — something she’ll remember forever, and these 3 gift ideas revealed on page 46 are not only precious and symbolic of motherhood, but they’ll also make it look like you spent hours on end preparing them so that, even 20 years after the day of her child’s birth, she’ll hold you dear to her heart as a sincere friend during her journey through motherhood.
  • If you’re ready to touch someone’s heart, whether it’s yours or an anxious mother-to-be’s, then by following the “Super Shower Checklist” unveiled just for you on page 53 will ensure that your baby shower will be a celebratory experience that ditches the stress and honors motherhood, one of the DEAREST gifts to man (and woman, of course!).

and That’s Not All You’ll Find Inside “Baby Shower!”

In fact, when you open up your very own copy of “Baby Shower” today, you may be surprised to find yourself with a heck of a lot more valuable information that you initially thought.

After all, I’m sure you’ll agree that this web page is far too small for me to be able to go into every little bit of detail.

Which is why you may be in for a shock when you download your copy and discover that the page after page of useful information is a lot more in-depth than you bargained for…

And a heck of a lot simpler to put into use too!

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