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BBO Adwords Formula

BBO Adwords Formula
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Discover the bbo adwords formula and how an ex-google employee built an opt-in list of 5322 subscribers in just 10 days while paying only $0.06 per click!

Tired Of Paying Too Much For Google Adwords?

Discover How An Ex-Google Employee Built An Opt-In List of 5322 Subscribers In Just 10 Days While Paying Only $0.06 Per Click!

If you want to start from scratch and use an inexpensive method to build up a powerful list in the next 10 days, then grab this special interview right now..

Learn the Adwords secrets…

Ok, let me ask you a simple question.

If you could talk to somebody who has worked at Google for over 5 years and has helped thousands of clients make more money with Google Adwords, what would you ask?

Would you ask…
How can I prevent my account from being “slapped?”

How can I pay only $0.06 per click and build a list of over 5000 prospects in only 10 days…

How can I build the perfect squeeze page that Google not only accepts, but loves?

How can I make $5 for every dollar that I spend on Google Adwords within my first month?!

Well, now is your chance.

You see, I interviewed Simon and found out exactly how he did it.
This isn’t some interview that simply contains incomplete information – I actually convinced Simon to spill his guts on how he built his 5000+ list in only 10 days…

I’ll be honest – I am NOT a Google Adwords expert.

I do use Adwords quite regularly, but I have struggled just like everybody else in trying to make it profitable.

However, after listening to Simon I was able to improve my click-through rates, drop my costs, and make more money with Google Adwords.

Grab this interview for only $7 $3.97…

Because this is a new product I am looking for testimonials. If you are willing to listen to the entire audio and then give a testimonial, then I will give you the product today for only $7.

If you don’t like the product, simply ask for a refund within 8 weeks and I’ll give it to you.

In fact, you can even keep the audios and PDF transcript that you downloaded just as a thank you for trying it out!

Are you ready to make more profits with Adwords?

Simon Leung BBO Adwords Formula

I want instant access to the BBO Adwords Formula so that I can learn how Simon built a list of over 5000 prospects in only 10 days.

I also understand that I will learn how I can do this myself, in any niche market that I choose.

Furthermore, I fully understand that if I am not happy with what I receive I can simply ask for a refund within 8 weeks.

With that knowledge, here is my $7 $3.97…

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